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    The museum in town Semily shows the region of the upstream of the river Jizera basin with a view to ethnography and arts, humanities and social spheres.

    The exposition is continuously supplied with newly gained exhibits.

    The organization of Christmas and Easter fairs is also an inseparable part of nowadays museum activities. There is a large offer of folklorist´s social anthropology objects and small presents inspired with traditional folk pieces of craftsmanship.

    An extensive gallery activity presents the unique mission for this locality. Historical and art exhibitions are held on the groundfloor of the historical building all the year round. The museum also organizes lectures and concerts.

    Where to find us: Museum and Gallery Semily is located in the immediate vicinity of the Rieger Square.  From the bus station for you to walk faster after ten minutes,  walk from the train it's only a few minutes longer.



příspěvková organizace

Husova 2

513 01 SEMILY

Phone:          +420 481 622 528

Cell phone:   +420 775 859 001



Our personals:

        Miroslav Šnaiberk - director

          tel.: 775 859 000


        PhDr. Tomáš Chvátal Ph.D. - historic, collection administrator

          tel.: 775 859 001 or 481 622 528


          Libuše Krtičková - accounts clerk

          tel.: 481 622 528 or 775 859 001, museum office


        Ing. Libuše Šviková - promotion and educational programs

        tel. 481 622 528 or 775 859 001, museum office


  • Adults: 60 Kč
  • Children, Seniors, ISIC, ITIC, Senior Pas: 40 Kč 
  • Entry to the tower of the church St. Peter and Paul - adults 50 Kč, children 30 Kč
  • Entry fee to the wooden house with exposition of file workroom - adults 50 Kč, children 30 Kč 

Opening hours:

  • During July and August - every day until 9:00 to 17:00
  • From September to June -  every day except Monday until 9:00 - 12:00 and 13:00 - 16:00

Wooden house with exposition of file workroom

Tower of the church of St. Peter a Paul




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